Why and how to give an Ignite talk

What is an Ignite talk?

“Enlighten us, but make it quick” is the mantra of Ignite talks.  The format is simple – show 20 slides, advancing every 15 seconds.

That makes for a five-minute presentation, a lightning talk.  Speak about each slide or use the flow to illustrate your talk.

Why should I give an Ignite talk?

Every speaker benefits from practice at being concise when speaking.  Ignite forces that, whether you consider it to be a 5-minute speech or 20 15-second bursts.

Ignite is a platform to share your passion, your inspiration, or your quirky idea to an appreciative audience.

What should I talk about?

Tell a story.  Tell a story about telling a story.  Scott Berkun explains how here:

Where do I sign up?

Look for an Ignite in your community.  Apply to speak at our local Ignite Asheville, coming up on February 21, 2012.

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