Why Become a TED Speaker?

What is TED?  What is a TEDx event?  Why would you want to speak at TED?

What is TED?  TED is an annual conference in California consisting of four days of presentations and interaction, and is a fount of wonderful ideas and learning.  It also provides inspiration to many thousands of people, through the posting of its talks on its very stimulating web site.

What is a TEDx event?  TEDx is the name given to local TED events.  Several years ago the main TED organization began licensing local communities to hold their own local or regional version of their conference.  These TEDx events (the “x” referring to local) are independently produced by volunteers.

The mantra of TED is “ideas worth spreading” and the speakers are chosen with that in mind.  For anyone who is going to address an audience, you can take a cue from that.  What is your “idea worth spreading”? That truth that you would most like to have your audience hear and internalize, or the action you want to galvanize in your audience.

The purpose of a presentation is often to plant the seeds of action.  Your well-chosen words serve as the fertilizer in this spreading of ideas.  Of course, some of my ideas have been compared to a type of organic fertilizer, but that’s another story…

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