The 12 faces of Jim

Variety is the spice of life, and also of a good presentation. In many ways, mixing things up in your speech maintains audience interest and provides you with tools to underline the key points of your speech.

  • A speaker utilizing vocal variety spares us the numbing chose of listening to a droning monotone voice.
  • A change in the pace of your speech helps emphasize your points.
  • Moving around physically helps connect you with your audience.
  • Letting loose with a variety of  facial expressions makes you more human.

As an example, see the photos below of Jim as he presents an idea to a local TED audience. His passion practically jumps off the screen at you.  His expressive physical gestures might seem overstated to you seeing them here.  However, he was addressing an audience of hundreds in a large hall, and Jim’s gestures properly expanded to meet your environment.







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