• Leah Quintal


    I met with Rick early in my process for developing a TEDx Asheville talk. His guidance in the early stages of my process was key. It's very difficult to suss out the overarching "gems" of a program when regularly immersed in the subject matter. Rick easily helped me define those key elements. He was friendly and put me at ease. He went above and beyond, and I'm very grateful. I recommend him highly.

    -Leah Quintal, JB Media Group

  • Anoine Martin


    Rick helped me deliver a presentation and speech at a symposium, and I completely changed my presentation after listening to his advice. He then coached me on the message delivery. The result was outstanding: I was confident, delivered a presentation without a hitch to a standing-room only audience, and have received many compliments on the talk. I can only attribute my speaking success to Rick insight and effectiveness. Thank you Rick

    -Antoine Martin, Airware, Market Info Group

  • Michelle Moog-Koussa


    Rick assisted me in preparing for a talk I was to give at a high-profile event in support of the Bob Moog Foundation. His assistance was invaluable in organizing my thoughts into a smoothly-flowing, compelling speech and in helping me get comfortable prior to the talk.. As a result of that coaching, the presentation was a huge success and was very well-received. The preparation for that one event has continued to help me in various public speaking appearances.

    -Michelle Moog-Koussa, Bob Moog Foundation

  • Radford Harrell


    Rick's input and guidance helped greatly. He uncovered "ticks" that were too slow for me to notice and his input on my delivery gave me added confidence once on stage. I'd highly recommend Rick's services prior to ANY public speaking engagement.

    -Radford Harrell, emcee

  • Candice Langston


    Rick's training was one of the key drivers of the success of our event and had enormous impact on the direct results--amazing presentations! His first-hand knowledge of this type of event and the specific expertise he brought to the table alleviated a lot of work on us as organizers and certainly boosted the confidence level for our presenters. He was extremely personable while always focused on the ultimate goal--to get our speakers to the highest level of performance. -Candice Langston, Executive Director, TEDxCharlotte

  • Lou Stewart


    Rick's approach to teaching others to feel more comfortable at public speaking is both effective and fun. He delivers the material in a friendly and organized manner. I highly recommend his training if you have to do any type of public speaking.

    -Lou Stewart, Interior Designer

  • Bradford

    Rick’s recommendations were spot on and made a huge, positive improvement in my final presentation! My only regret was not finding Rick sooner. I will definitely use Rick for future presentations and would recommend my friends/coworkers do the same.

    -Bradford Swann, General Electric

  • Drew

    The coaching I got from Rick was fantastic! With his help, I totally changed the emphasis of my talk and gave the best speech I’d ever given. -Drew Jones, Climate Interactive