The wonderful randomness of a TEDx event

In coaching the speakers for a number of local TEDx events I have been privileged to get to meet some of the most interesting minds around.  Both for me and especially for the TEDx audience there is great stimulation in being exposed to an amazing randomness of subject matter.  For example, take TEDxGreenville, which in March 2012 has people speaking about:

  • Improving medical education through theater
  • Losing a newborn twin brother to kidnapping
  • Commentary through song-blogging
  • Competitive writing
  • Getting clean water by spending money on trees rather than treatment plants
  • Fostering social change through the design of a tampon case

Really, where else are you ever going to hear of all of these topics in a single day?

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  • Ha! Funny compilation Rick. Thanks for helping keep things on the rails for the third year in a row. You always work magic with the TEDxGreenville presenters. See you on March 29 & 30 in Greenville!