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Our workshops are offered in half-day, full-day, and two-day lengths. They are held either on-site or at an outside location per the client’s needs. The content covers the following topics, with every workshop customized to emphasize the client’s desired focus areas.
    Speech development and purpose
    Best practices in speech structure and organization
    How to involve and stimulate your audience
    Incorporating stories for maximum impact
    Dealing with nervousness and stage fright
    Making your PowerPoint or visuals work for you
    Speech delivery techniques (voice, gestures, eye contact, etc.)
The half-day workshop is primarily lecture-based, with some limited use of video recording of class members speaking.

The full-day workshop includes the same content as the half-day workshop but with additional depth of content. In addition, there is the opportunity for more interaction, with recording, replay, and review of short talks by the class participants.

The two-day workshop elaborates even farther on the content and also includes substantial filming and review of each class member. In our relaxed setting, we’ll really get to know you, your abilities, and your presentation needs. Using the techniques that have successfully trained corporate and government leaders, we’ll stretch and refine your personal style, coaching you to be the best you can be and showing you how to continually monitor your progress. We limit participation to 10 people, so you’ll get plenty of opportunities to speak – everyone makes at least 6 presentations – and learn from your fellow participants. Everyone participates in constructive critique sessions, helping you grow as a presenter.In addition, class members will have the opportunity to develop and present two presentations, giving them the chance to immediately use the content they have garnered in the class. As with the shorter talks in the class, all presentations are recorded and evaluated within the classroom. All participants receive a DVD of their speeches for later review.


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