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Why Get Coached?

Your personal competence, the value of your product or service, and your company’s very reputation are very much judged by how clearly you express yourself.

GOOD NEWS! Excellent public speaking is a teachable skill. Becoming comfortable and focused as a speaker yields immediate benefits, both personally and professionally. Being coached on your speech and speaking style is a fast and effective tool to improve your public speaking.

Fine-tune your message and materials sales presentations, investor presentations, board meetings or news conferences. We can evaluate what you have to say and how you say it, maximizing your opportunity to persuade your listeners to get what you need to move forward.

Why Use Message Clarity?

My unique advantage is my ability to meet my clients exactly where their needs are. In the realm of public speaking, people are challenged in a number of ways. You may have:

      mild or overwhelming nervousness at the prospect of facing an audience


      difficulty in your speech writing


      a struggle to organize your speech to make it flow


      shortcomings in your delivery that dilute the message they you putting forward


      unhelpful or distracting PowerPoint or other accompanying visual aids


    physical delivery issues (eye contact, gestures, voice, pacing)
My unique advantage is my expertise in uncovering your particular challenge and working directly on that with you. In helping speakers both novice and highly practiced it has been my experience that everyone benefits quite quickly from personal coaching. It’s an empowering and collaborative process that enhances your strengths as a speaker and helps to hurdle or set aside the challenges you have been facing.

Why Not?

Because of the individual and personal nature of my coaching, every client relationship begins with a telephone call in which we discuss what challenges you face and how I might help you with them. There is no cost or obligation to you for this introductory consultation. You may be unnerved by public speaking, or not sure about working with a coach like me. But you will find the experience rewarding, valuable, and even enjoyable. Give me a call and find out for yourself!


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