|About Message Clarity

Message Clarity was founded in 2008. Company founder Rick Fornoff has been working with speakers for over 20 years to improve their presentation skills. Having progressed himself from personal panic attack mode to professional speaker, Rick can identify with, and is able to help speakers at all levels of skill and experience. We offer individual coaching, as well as, group workshops and classes provided either on-site or at our classrooms.

Our story aside, what you surely care about is not our company history, but what we can do for your own company, or for your individual career. There is no question that regardless of technological advances, the most effective and compelling way to influence people is through face-to-face communication. Think of how few of your larger purchase or investment decisions were made without having someone speak in support of them. Imagine how much more successful you will be as your skills in public speaking and being persuasive are increased.

Working with Message Clarity will have a major impact on your journey to self-improvement and lead to greater satisfaction and success at work and in other activities.

  • Rick Fornoff - Message Clarity

    Rick Fornoff

    Professional Speech Coach