Connecting with a video


A web video is a compelling way to reach your audience. This is a good example of a very well-done one by Keith Ferrazzi, author of the book Never Eat Alone. This video comes from his blog, which concentrates on relationship building as a crucial business tool.

In this video, what distracts from the message?

The sound quality of this piece has quite an echo. A mocrophone closer to the speaker than the camera would help, whether a wired or wireless mike. I have had success recording myself using a Audio-Technica Pro 88W/R wireless mike. We use the same microphone in my Toastmasters club to get sound to the camera recording each of our speakers.

While often effective, Keith’s hand gestures are sometimes too busy. He would benefit from occasionally just dropping his arms to his side. This would serve to emphasis his gestures when he does make them.

Keith speaks quite quickly and with few if any pauses between thoughts. Especially with such a fast rate of speaking, pauses give the audience a chance to absorb the message.


What works to support his message in this piece?

There is a blank background – the minimalism causes your attention to be 100% on Keith and his message.

The framing of the video is perfect, allowing you to see the full range of Keith’s hand gestures.

Speaking of gestures, Keith has an effective array of hand movements that emphasis his words.

Keith referred to his notes in repeating the questions but then set the page aside, which was a good idea. You can feel the difference in connection that Keith makes when he switches to speaking directly to the camera. Keith is all about connection, and here he demonstrates well how to connect.




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