Be Successful

Whatever your goal in business or career, your strong speaking skills will give you an edge over those who are less persuasive. The confidence you display in front of an audience is interpreted as competence, and translates to success in many areas.  Imagine yourself in one of these situations:
  • Entrepreneur/Inventor – you have a pioneering product or a better way to do business.  Success in attracting funding depends on your ability to clearly explain your innovation to investors, speaking in a way that excites them about helping to fund your business.
  • Manager – Your position sometimes requires you  to address a board or report to senior management, and a measure of your competence is how well you perform this task.  You may have few chances to be seen by those in authority, so make those instances count.  Or you have been promoted and now need to speak to a group as you direct your project team or department. Good leadership demands the ability to rally the troops, and confidence in addressing groups will be integral to your success going forward.
  • CEO or spokesperson – As the face of your business you represent your company.  When you speak to the media or address a conference, you are responsible for how those listening perceive your organization. Your strong and confident delivery will cause your audience to ascribe positive characteristics to your organization.
  • Salesperson– Your success in sales lies not only in the efficacy of your product but in how well you are able to explain its benefits to potential customers.  You are in competition for your market, and strong presentation skills will give you  the edge to increase your closing ratio.
  • Attorneys, architects, accountants, IT professionals – Your profession requires you to deliver complex information to laypeople serving on boards or government entities.  Adding personality to otherwise dry presentations will set you apart from your peers.  Simplifying and organizing technical information makes it accessible to your listeners.  Likewise, as you engage in business development you should realize that many clients consider your services a commodity.  Speak well and with heart and people will choose to work with you.
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