Be Persuasive

Persuasion means creating action in others, whether it is making a sale, attracting investors, or gaining supporters. There is no more powerful tool to persuade others than a convincing verbal argument.

You may wish that you could forgo speaking to people, instead being able to just wave a wand and have them do what you want.   That’s wishful thinking but the same result is achievable through a strong presentation.  Once you are comfortable in your skin as a speaker and have mastered the techniques of an effective speaker, you have created the conditions in which persuasion can happen.

The distinction between conversation and public speaking is that public speaking is goal-oriented.  Our business name, Message Clarity, refers not just to having a clear speaking style.  Think of it also as Action Clarity; that is, being clear on what course of action you desire to evince in the members of your audience.   That action might be:

  • Convincing them to buy your product
  • Inspiring them to join your cause
  • Interesting them in investing money in your company
  • Changing their minds on an issue
  • Persuading them to vote for you

You must first be clear on your intentions and then effective in sharing that message.  If not you may was well be passing the time of day in conversation.  But with conditions right, your speaking can have an almost magical effect in galvanizing the audience to action.

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