Be Effective

Every speaker seeks to sway their audience to action in some way. Effectiveness at reaching that goal requires a combination of appropriate and concise content, good organization, and smooth delivery.

What does “effective” look like?  In  essence,  it means minimizing anything within your content or delivery that serve as distractions from your message, while at the same time amplifying those attributes that contribute to or  strengthen the intended result of your talk.


  • Nervous mannerisms
  • Verbal fillers (ahs and ums)
  • Complex charts
  • Fast talking
  • Rambling content
  • Shortness of breath
  • Monotone voice

Strong points

  • Good eye contact
  • Judicious use of pauses
  • Clear organization
  • Vocal variety
  • Useful supporting graphics
  • Conversational manner

To the extent that you limit the characteristics on the first list and embrace those on the second, your connection with the audience will happen in a much deeper way.  And not coincidentally, you will enjoy giving a speech much more.

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