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Business storytelling; creating your corporate myth

Any company’s products, services, and identity are perceived in a certain way. Think of those attributes as your corporate myth. To a large extent, marketing is the art of guiding what those perceptions come to be. If you don’t create your own story you can bet that one will be made for you. Here is […]

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The #1 public speaking myth has been debunked.

From KIOS, Omaha Public Radio, comes this report, debunking a misconception trumpeting by public speaking instructors everywhere: A new study finds that while public speaking might be the most common fear, it isn’t number one. UNO Public Speaking Fundamentals program director Karen Kangas Dwyer and Speech Center Coordinator Marlina Davidson did the study. It revisited […]

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What kind of TED talk would Ralph Waldo Emerson have given?

One of America’s first professional public speakers, Ralph Waldo Emerson was a rock star on the lecture circuit back in the 1850s. He would have been a natural on the stage of TED. More than a century and a half after Emerson’s day, TED is delivering professionally produced talks and entertainment to millions of people. Here […]

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